How to Be a Savvy Online Christmas Shopper

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Christmas in Nigeria is a family event – a time to come together and celebrate the special people in our lives. Between the bowls of joloff and the banging of fireworks, one of the ways we show how much we care is by exchanging presents, and there’s nothing worse than worrying that your gifts will seem inadequate once given. 

While it’s not all about the presents, it does give us a warm and fuzzy feeling to know we’ve chosen well, but even this cannot offset the worry that comes from going over budget and being concerned about how you’ll cover your costs once Christmas is done. 

The trick is to shop savvy; to tread the fine line between giving great presents and not breaking the bank. Here are our three top tips to help you.    

Shop around 

When it comes to picking out presents, it’s important not to make your purchases without first shopping around, especially at Christmas time when money is tight. This means that you shouldn’t buy gifts from the first place you find them, but should compare a number of different retailers to see who’s offering what you want at the lowest price. You’ll likely be surprised by the variation you discover once you dig a little deeper and begin to search out the superior offers. Even if prices are similar, hold off on buying for a bit and keep an eye out for sales and promotions, as shops often use these as a way of getting ahead of their competitors over the Christmas period.    


Review before you buy  

Last but not least, be sure to do your research before you buy. The best way to get your hands on presents their recipients will appreciate is to review them prior to purchase, and websites like Trustpilot have been set up for this specific purpose. Not only this but make sure you read the products’ descriptions in detail too. The same rule applies to anything you spend your money on during the holiday season; whether it’s a present for your mother-in-law or indulging in a spot of online shopping or gaming for yourself. This detailed review of the Book of Dead slot at, for example, is a great tool for consumers, as it allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of what you’re spending your money on before committing. 


Take advantage of the Black Friday sales 

While the best sales tend to happen once Christmas is over, there is a particular retail event that could help you to save some serious cash. We’re talking about Black Friday, which has fast become the biggest shopping occasion in the Nigerian calendar. With dozens of different businesses getting on board and slashing their prices, you’ll find there are some truly amazing offers out there, which can help you to get your hands on the presents you want without breaking the bank. The trick is to be clever, so sign up to the mailing lists of your favorite websites in advance to make sure you’re the first to hear about any discounts or promos they’re hosting.   

When it comes to buying the perfect Christmas presents without breaking the bank, there are three primary rules to follow: shop around, take advantage of sales, and do your research to gain a better idea of what you’re purchasing. Follow these, and you should find your holiday shopping is a lot less stressful and significantly cheaper too!  

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