Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

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Summer is just about to be in full bloom and everyone is going to want to spend their days taking a short vacation and taking the time to enjoy themselves and practice forms of self-care. And with the new season approaching, a special holiday also creeps up around the corner that honors the significant father figures in our lives. Whether you celebrate Father’s Day with your dad, uncle, grandpa, or even an older brother, it doesn’t hurt to show your loved one how much they’re appreciated with a gift, whether it’d be big or small. This year if you’re stuck on what to buy and want to lead your father figure on the path of self-care, we’ve curated a gift guide with ideas to help steer you in the right direction.

  1. KELLER WORKS – Beard Oil Set

Does your have a father rock out a goatee or a full-grown beard? Is he always maintaining his beard and making it stand out amongst the others in the crowd? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to give him Keller Work’s beard oil set that helps soften the facial hair and moisturize the skin, full of anti-aging oils like grapeseed, jojoba, argan, and rosehip. A little touch up can go a long way.

  1. RITUALS – The Ritual of Hammam: Purifying Ritual

It’s the little things in life that matter, right? Small activities like the processing of taking a shower and cleansing your body are just the easiest ways to relax your body and prepare yourself for the day or for bed. So why not help your father feel the same way with RITUAL’s Ritual of Hammam: Purifying Ritual gift set, which includes a foaming shower gel, body scrub, body cream, and even some hand wash. All ingredients are enriched with rosemary and eucalyptus, so you know he’ll be feeling a bit luxurious.

  1. Gelato Pique – Organic Knotted Cotton Shirt   Organic Knotted Cotton Pants | Block Striped Room Shoes

It can get difficult trying to shop for your father year after year because after a while you just run out of ideas to get him. One notorious gift idea is to get your father some clothes, whether it’d be sports gear or dress-up shirts for work, but have you ever stopped to consider getting him a comfortable pajama set just in time for bed? Gelato Pique is all on board with this plan on having your father be comfortable and collective for bed, having curate  a soft cotton pajama set including an organic knotted cotton shirt and pants, and cozy slippers that’ll never make your dad want to leave the house.

  1. SLEEPLETICS – Celliant Performance Sheet Set

After a long day at work or spending the night with the guys, your father is going to want to knockout and catch a good nights rest before the next day. One way you can ensure he’s getting all the attention he needs to feel at ease, why not change his sheets and throw on some performance sheet set offered at Sleepletics. It’s all about taking care yourself with the most minor adjustments.

  1. Haven Spa – http://www.havenspa.nyc/massage

Is your father in need to relieve any stress or pressure within his muscles from working on the job or simply navigating everyday life? If so, why not cater to those needs and have him take a trip to Haven Spa and participate in their variety of men’s treatment and spa packages. These packages range groom facials to clean, detoxify and perfect the skin, to intense therapeutic messages that focus on the upper body – back, shoulders, neck, chest, head, and arms. Have your father stepping out of his massage and feeling like a new person.

  1. Clase Azul – Tequila

Does your father like to have a drink every now and then? Is he a tequila man by any means? He might be in luck if he gets his hands on any tequila made by Clase Azul. This brand makes sure each bottle is hand sculpted and individually painted by hand from over 100 artisans in the small town of Santa Maria Canchesda in Mexico. And if you’re not in favor of the flavor, you can always use the bottle as a unique addition to your home decor.

  1. Runamok Maple’s “Smoke + Barrels” Collection

Treat your father to his ideal breakfast accompanied by some of Runamok Maple’s “Smoke + Barrels” Collection. These four flavors of barrel-aged and smoked maple syrup are the perfect complement for any breakfast item and will last your father for many mornings to come while allowing him some variety in his daily flavor routine. The collection includes: 60ml bottles of Smoked with Pecan Wood Organic Maple Syrup, Rum Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup and Whiskey Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup.

  1. Treffort – Luxury Mens Dress Shirts

And if all else fails and you don’t see your father taking advantage of any of the gift ideas listed above, go back to the old faithful and purchase him some dress-up shirts. One brand that might be worth keeping an eye out for is Treffort, as they offer premium Egyptian and Turkish cotton shirts to fit perfectly and comfortably for any father on the go.

Above all, make sure to spend time with your father on Father’s Day and remind him how much he’s appreciated through words. That’s the most treasured gift of them all.

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