Drybar To Open Its First Private Location

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Drybar Shop Interior copy For many New Yorkers, the Drybars spread around the city is a welcome breather in a busy city life. Not only do blowouts place high on our “treat yourself” list, it’s also often used to make sure our hairstyles are flawless before an important meeting or event. And let’s face it; in this city those instances happen quite often. But most of us also know that time is of the essence and getting to and from the Drybar can be an event in itself, not to mention a stressful aspect of fitting it into an already-packed schedule. So imagine having it in your own building?


Slated to open in 2018, the new luxury skyscraper 111 Murray Street will have its first ever private Drybar. The developers of the condominium Fisher Brothers, Witkoff and New Valley have teamed up with Drybar Founder Alli Webb and the rest of the Drybar team to offer its residents an exclusive blowout-salon! No more waiting in line, no crowds, not even having to leave the house.

“In our view, luxury is really about maximizing lifestyle and convenience,” explained Lauren Witkoff, Executive Vice President and Partner of Witkoff. “We really tried to be mindful of the next generation of luxury services that would resonate with our buyers and we thought about things that were more practical — that people would actually use.”

The developers first started talking about a hair salon in the building, and then that evolved into the idea of having their own branded Drybar. Witkoff herself has been a fan of the Drybars since they first came to New York and were happy with the great reaction from the Drybar team.

Lauren Witkoff + Alli Webb

Lauren Witkoff and Alli Webb

“We’re always looking for creative ways to extend the Drybar experience, so when the folks at 111 Murray approached us, we were intrigued,” said Alli Webb, Founder of Drybar. “We love our current shop in Tribeca and have so many great clients there. This partnership is a great way for us to further invest in that market.”

To make sure the residents of 111 Murray get the true Drybar experience, award-winning architect who’s developed the concept for the other Drybars, Josh Heitler, is also behind the design of this one. The private Drybar will be equipped with two chairs and have all of Drybar’s signature design elements and color scheme as well as products, blowout styles and services to live up to its brand name.

“We place a tremendous amount of effort on providing the best experience for our clients. At Drybar, this means a gorgeous environment, friendly service, great chick flicks, and a glass of champagne!” said Webb.


The initial idea was to have the residents use the Drybar app or call the concierge to request a stylist to the private Drybar, but the developers are now talking about staffing it during peak hours because of the great reactions they are getting from the potential buyers.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some residents used it every day. Who wouldn’t?!” asked Webb. But also noted that these private Drybars won’t be popping up all over the city. “It has to be the right location, the right building and so on,” she said and added: “That said, we’re open to unique, buzz-worthy ideas.“

And the residential Drybar must be said to have created a lot of buzz among the potential buyers. The developers of 111 Murray have already gotten great feedback on putting up a blowout-bar. Witkoff explained, that the private Drybar – along with the building’s luxury jet concierge – have received the most attention and excitement from their clients.


Along with the private Drybar, the Club Floor at 111 Murray Street — as designed by David Rockwell — will also include a fitness center with movement studio, a 75-foot lap pool, a children’s splash pool with interactive water jets, a spa with private treatment rooms, saunas, a teen arcade, a children’s playroom and a media room. The coming residents will experience luxury on a whole new level!

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