Clinton Hall Turns Its Tables Into Canvases for 20 Local Artists

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Art, Culture, Featured, Restaurants

Photos courtesy of Clinton Hall

Clinton Hall in the Financial District (90 Washington St) unveiled one-of-a-kind murals from 20 incredible NYC artists on each of their communal tables, which served as canvases to this permanent installation.

The Downtown after-work hotspot is now home to a melting pot of street art curated by the talented, visually-impaired NYC artist Kamille “OGMillie” Ejerta featuring her work alongside 19 other artists in the street art community, who have made their mark on 20 of the Hall’s outdoor communal beer tables.

Each piece is unique and individualistic.  

Clinton Hall

“Street art is such an integral part of our culture. We wanted to bring that to the table to reflect our colorful city with inspiring art from some of the best in this underground business to help bring it to light,” said Clinton Hall owner Aristotle “Telly” Hatzigeorgiou. 

The array of phenomenal artists include Chris Soria, Subway Doodle, Brett Thompson, Ian Sullivan, Funqest, Kick Or Treat, Jaima, and more. 

The tables are now on display for spectators to come in and admire all while experiencing Clinton Hall’s new fall menu from Executive Chef Darryl Harmon that includes a Turducken Burger and Oklahoma! Chili Fries as month-long specials for November.

Clinton Hall
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