City of Water Day 2015

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The City of Water Day is a day-long festival celebrating the beauty and functionality of the water that surrounds and brings New York City together. Held on Governor’s Island, the event drew people in from all over New York and New Jersey.

Despite the rain, a clipper ship docked in Battery Park welcomed the celebratory spirit. By the time the boat docked at Governor’s Island for the opening ribbon cutting ceremony, the skies had cleared and the day was looking bright.

Various booths and vendors were set up along the entire island. A close walk from the dock, there was catch and release fishing instruction offered. Aspiring and experienced fishers were able sign up for a time to cast their line over into the Hudson.

Towards the center of the island an arts and crafting station was set up for young artist by the Children’s Museum of Arts New York. Crafters could play with decorated Flubber and paint their own masterpieces.

In the grassy clearing a sports area was set up where both children and adults could play a variety of sports and games, including flag football, pools and hulu hooping among other activities.

By midday the island was brimming with people excitedly anticipating this year’s Cardboard Kayak race. Participants were tasked with making a Kayak only out of cardboard and tape, and then racing across the waters in their creation.

All the fun activities didn’t stop at Governors Island; in Hoboken, City of Water Day participants were able to partake in paddle boarding and kayaking. They were treated to a breathtaking view of lower Manhattan as they enjoyed the cool, refreshing water.

The day was filled with excitement, fun and of course water. Make sure to join the fun at next year’s City of Water Day and celebrate your love for the water.

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– by Alyssa Bajek and Haylie Born

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