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by | Apr 3, 2020 | Family

It’s exciting to enter a new decade. But how well are you prepared for the next 10 years?

If that seems too daunting, let’s talk short-term. Are you even ready for the next 12 months or longer?

Take time to discuss with your partner now can streamline your lives for the next few years, helping to avoid misunderstandings and conflict in your relationship…

If you’re wondering where to start, take a look at our checklist. 

Budget Planning

Money is often a matter of conflict in many households. Why? Because there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to manage your income. Both may be good at saving, but when it comes to how those savings are used, opposite viewpoints can come into play, here where the problem could come in. 

You may be saving for buying a new home, getting better coverage from market leaders such as Allstate insurance, putting money away for the children’s education, but then your spouse believes that money should be spent on a family holiday? Or what if, they were planning a surprise vacation for the two of you, with first-class tickets abroad.

To prevent spoiling each other’s plans, sit down and discuss your budget in-depth, come to an agreement as to how money should be spent or saved. 

List of Priorities

Be sure to have that difficult budget discussion sooner, understand each of your viewpoints and priorities. What is your focus on starting a new family business? That special holiday away from home may just have to wait because you’ll need to keep the business running. If your children’s education takes top priority for the next few years you should consider putting money aside for education extras like tutors. That could mean fewer clothing excursions.

See how priorities could impact your spending and budgeting decisions?
It’s best to start off by discussing what matters to each of you as a couple first, so it gives a landscape to your future spending and savings. 

Your Family’s Future

Here’s another discussion that may evolve out of discussing life goals, do you want to start a family? Something that couples forget to consider. 

If your careers are your number one priority, having children maybe a few years down the road. It’s best not to assume your partner feels the way you feel, only when you start looking at purchasing items for the baby room. And if you’re battling to have children, do you have the money for IVF treatment or should you work that into your budget as part of items to save for? 

A lot to think about. what’s important is to discuss life timelines to ensure that you are both on the same page. Not knowing your partner’s needs can be difficult to navigate. 

Discuss Your Health

You won’t reach goals on your priority list if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy life. Take time during the start of the year to evaluate where adjustments must be made to create a healthier lifestyle. 

Make sure that you start a list and check each box off that will affect your health, education, family planning, stress management, diet, exercise, and even your healthy social life. 

Helping each other and planning, having the tough discussions now, could be the difference between a healthy lifestyle or an unplanned emergency hospital stay or burnout.

In Closing

Not all families are excellent at communicating. Have a list and use it to initiate discussions, so that you can start practicing, being prepared for your future is much easier healthier and will keep your relationship on track.

Family is the foundation of society. Invest the necessary time, in the beginning, to you are prepared for whatever may come your way.

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