Milk Bar’s Strawberry Lemon Cake Truffles

by | Jun 9, 2015 | Dining

Photo courtesy of: Kelsey Maloney

Photo courtesy of: Kelsey Maloney

Trying to satisfy that sweet tooth this summer? Look no further than Milk Bar’s Strawberry Lemon Cake Truffles!

This vanilla cake truffle is mixed with lemon juice, enrobed in white chocolate and coated with strawberry milk crumbs, making it this summer’s tastiest treat. Its soft texture compliments the subtle lemon splash and sweet strawberry and milk crumbs that it’s rolled in. The cake itself is slightly under-baked and is rolled into perfectly shaped balls a little smaller than a golf-ball.

2012 James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year and 2015 James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef award-winner, Christina Tosi, founded Milk Bar in November 2008, and has been its head chef ever since.

Since opening, six of these bakeries have popped up all over New York, with one in Toronto and another opening in Washington, D.C. Tosi’s vision of the Milk Bar focuses on creating playful, American home-style desserts and savory snacks by using quality ingredients and locally sourced dairy.

“I was an infamously picky easter as a child, but also had an infamously sweet tooth,” said Tosi. “All I wanted was dessert for every meal of the day. My mother stopped allowing me to only eat dessert so I stepped into the kitchen to teach myself my favorite desserts.”

Her secret ingredient? Milk powder. With cookie dough being her absolute favorite dessert, Tosi created these truffles that are now known all over world. The Strawberry Lemon Cake Truffles are the most recent addition to the truffle family along side the Birthday Cake Truffles and Banana Cake Truffles.

This combo of lemon cake and strawberry milk crumbs is just one of Tosi’s creative fusions. The Milk Bar also makes cookies, custom wedding cakes, produces their own line of baking mixes and ships baked goods all over the world. You can also attend baking classes at the heart of Milk Bar at their Williamsburg location.

The Strawberry Lemon Cake Truffles are now available in all NYC stores and for shipping. To order some of these delicious treats please visit their website.

-by Kelsey Maloney

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