Healthy Breakfast Guide

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Dining

After all the Fourth of July celebrations with not-so-healthy food and drinks, we’re craving greens, grains and vegetables. We know you can grab a green juice on your way to work, but taking care of yourself with a nice, healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. We’ve done the searching (and eating) for you — these breakfast spots will definitely get you back on track!

Café Henrie

This Lower East Side café is as healthy as it’s instagrammable. The pink tables and beautiful bowls ask to be photographed, but Café Henrie is more than just aesthetically pleasing. The acai bowl is served with all the toppings you need, including chia, fruit, fresh coconut and seeds. The banana bread contains crystallized ginger – all we know is that ginger improves digestion and can boost our immunity, so a crystallized version must work magic. The avocado toast is served with house sprouts, herb tahini and watermelon radish, providing you with that good kind of fat.

Address: 116 Forsyth Street
Closest subway station: Grand Street 

The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter serves everything except meat, being a plant-based restaurant revolving around vegetables, fruits and juices. Classics on the menu are the smashed avocado toast, coconut yogurt parfait and the spinach egg bowl. They even do healthier takes on our guilty pleasures, including homemade rice pancakes with almond milk batter, matcha green tea pancakes or an almond butter & jelly (instead of that all-American peanut butter jelly). Eating healthy really can be delicious and fun.

Address: 19 Kenmare Street (original location)
Closest subway station: Spring Street 

The Elk

Eating breakfast at the Elk won’t only do your body good, your mind will thank you too. The small café is located on a quiet street in the West Village, and the relaxing vibes make the whole experience very enjoyable. The menu consists of healthy light bites, such as yogurt with an almond-coconut crumble, oatmeal or a market fruit salad. The Elk gives the traditional potato hash a healthy twist, by including sweet potatoes, cage-free local eggs and roasted tomato. This place is perfect if you’re not a great morning person, or don’t generally like to eat a big breakfast.

Address: 128 Charles Street
Closest subway station: Christopher Street 

De Maria

De Maria is about as healthy as it gets, and many dishes on the menu involve ingredients you’ve probably never heard off – in a good way. Highlights on the menu include the rooster bowl with honey cured egg and seed seaweed gomasio (told you), porridge with miso butter or rhubarb molasses and home-made tahini yogurt with urfa bieber. All you really need to know is that it’s good for you. De Maria also does a less basic version of avocado toast, served with lavender cured salmon.

Address: 19 Kenmare Street
Closest subway station: Spring Street 


Banter is an Australian restaurant, and Australians know how to cook up something healthy. Ok – not everything is good for you, and you’ll have to ignore the bacon and pulled pork sandwiches. But the banter bowl or greens salad contain all the vegetables and nutrients you need, while being delicious and filling at the same time. The chia pudding with strawberries will satisfy your sweet tooth, without refined sugars.

Address: 169 Sullivan Street 
Closest subway station: Houston Street 

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