Gordo’s Cantina brings great Mexican food to Long Island City

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Dining

Horchata from Gordo's Cantina

Horchata from Gordo’s Cantina

Gordo’s Cantina, a well-known festival and street food kiosk, has a new location in Long Island City selling their authentic Mexican food.

“Everything on the menu is homemade,” said JR Savage, the owner and founder of Gordo’s Cantina.

The brick and mortar café is situated alongside the 59th Street Bridge. The old-fashioned cafe has a hip and homey feel to it, perfect for family and friends to dine.

Gobernador Taco from Gordo's Cantina

Gobernador Taco from Gordo’s Cantina

Downtown got to taste some tasty items on the menu, including Taco Gobernador, a dish served with grilled tortillas, shrimp, poblano peppers and menonita cheese. If you’re ever in the area, an item to try is the Pollo Burrito, served with flour tortillas, refried bean spread, chihuahua cheese and grilled marinated chicken.

If you’re looking for something sweet to complete your meal, Gordo’s offers classic Mexican Churros with cajeta and chocolate sauce.

From open face quesadillas to Chorizo Tacos, whatever you’re craving, Gordo’s Cantina will serve something up to satisfy.

Enchiladas Suizas from Gordo's Cantina

Enchiladas Suizas from Gordo’s Cantina

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