Sets in the City: Moving the Gym to your Home

By Lalaina "Lala" Duncan WHEN NEW YORK LOCKED DOWN FOR THE COVID-19 pandemic last year, I was on vacation and figured I could improvise until things lifted — which had to be in a few weeks tops, right? “Workouts in the sand!” I decided, taking advantage of my...

How to make your own aloe gel

As we begin to enjoy summer activities, we may also get something we don’t enjoy: sunburns. If you have an aloe vera plant, an easy way to relieve your sunburn is to use aloe gel on the burn. Benefits of Aloe Gel Aloe gel not only relieves sunburns, but it is also...

The Challenges of Working on Large Outdoor Construction and Excavation Site

  As if overseeing largescale construction and excavation projects wasn't difficult enough, along came COVID-19 to throw another spanner in the works. By now, building firms have gotten to grips with the safety measures that are necessary to keep workers and the...

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