4 Social Media Marketing Metrics That Provides High ROI

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Business, Technology


Social media advertising is one of the best channels to promote your company these days.


Analytics plays a crucial role in understanding which marketing techniques provide better ROI. But how will you understand which marketing technique is more successful? Your answer lies in the following questions.


  • Are you communicating with the correct target audience?
  • Does your marketing content reach the right group of people?
  • How many people from your target audience ask about your products and services?
  • How many of those people convert to customers?


Let’s break down these questions to understand why they are crucial for analyzing the performances of your marketing campaigns.




Engaging with the correct audience is the first step toward a successful social media marketing campaign. Don’t go pitching utensils to dentists. That wouldn’t work at all. Instead, spend time in finding your target audience. It is tough to have a group of followers immediately after starting a company. You can rely on third-party websites that sell followers. Famoid is one of the popular companies that sell genuine followers. Ask them to spread your company’s brand name to their friends, colleagues, and relatives. It will help you build a laser-targeted audience quickly.


4 Social Media Marketing Metrics That Provides High ROI

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How do you know that your promotional video or image is reaching the right group of people? How do you calculate the number of viewers? This is where you need to analyze social media marketing metrics, such as likes, clicks, shares, and brand mentions. For example, compare two promotional posts based on the shares they get. Count how many people shared a video post. Then count the people who shared a post with an image or GIF. This helps you understand which marketing technique works better for your brand.  




How many people inquired about your products and services after sharing your promotional posts? You not only need to make a list of these people but also send them reminders urging them to try your products. You can drive your sales by offering them discounts on their first purchase. Merely uploading a promotional post doesn’t end your marketing campaign. Tracking your leads is equally important. If you want a higher ROI for your promotional posts, don’t forget to send personalized messages to people who inquired about your products. 


Potential customers like to feel noticed. A personalized message or email can go a long way toward making them feel special. This will help to convert your leads into customers.




Which marketing technique or campaign provided the maximum number of conversions? Compare this metric to identify what type of campaign to use in the future. Yes, following the same promotional method and pattern can become monotonous. That’s when you can use your second-most successful marketing campaign. You need to list all your campaigns and their responses according to their success rates. This will help to find leads that are more likely to convert to regular customers.


Measuring your social media metrics will streamline your marketing campaigns. Instead of focusing on a lot of things, you can concentrate on a specific path that provides better ROI.



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