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Spoonful of Comfort is one of DOWNTOWN’s newest finds. We were delivered a basket right in time for our lunch break filled with Butternut squash soup, homemade rolls, and sprinkle sugar cookies. The Spoonful of Comfort delivery satisfied both our hunger and our sweet tooth . Later in the day we resorted to sprinkle sugar cookies for the sake of our sweet tooth, causing us to run across the street for some milk to enhance our delectable dessert. In addition to delivering delicious and comforting food, Spoonful of Comfort has a beautiful story behind it.

The owner of Spoonful of Comfort, Marti Wymer, started this delivery service based on her personal experience of caring for her mother from afar, who had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Wymer was upset and conflicted with the fact that she lived in Florida and while her mother battled her illness in Canada. The combination of distance and having two young children in school made helping her mother difficult. This conflict made Wymer feel as though something needed to be done to help.

Marti Wymer felt that flowers and fruit didn’t seem to be comforting items to send. “I wanted to show her how much I cared, and in some way comfort her. I immediately thought of chicken soup – it’s what she (like many mothers) used to make to comfort me. And the idea for Spoonful of Comfort was born.” Although she lost her mother, she realized the difference an abundance of soup and love from family and friends made. In her honor, Wymer has made it her goal to help others. She has made a promise to make and deliver a “Spoonful of Comfort” to others loved ones with as much care as she would for her own mother. Whether it’s an ill parent or homesick child away at college, it is Wymer’s goal to make sure everyone feels better, including the person that sends a Spoonful of Comfort.

As a company, Spoonful of Comfort works to show care through sending a gourmet gift basket with foods and products that create immediate comfort for those in need. Spoonful of Comfort guarantees complete customer satisfaction, because they understand that you can’t always be there when a loved one is sick or struggling. What you can do is show them how much you care by sending them love. A warming and hearty bowl of gourmet soup can go a long way by raising spirits and bringing happiness to those in needs.

Spoonful of comfort offers the perfect “get well gifts” that are the closest thing to a hug. This soup is made with simple, natural ingredients, and heart warming ingredients and does not consist of preservatives or additives. A portion of your sale goes to The American Cancer Society, making Spoonful of Comfort that much more heartwarming of a concept. “Spoonful of Comfort is here to help you, so you can send the perfect gift that says everything you wish you were there to say.”

-Photography and Article by Deirdre McAndrew





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