5 Steps to Perfect Your Summer Makeup

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Summer is the season of sunshine, seasides and… sweat. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive 5-step guide for you to achieve a flawless summer look that’ll last all day long!

1.Prep: You wouldn’t paint a surface without a good primer, so why would you put makeup on a bare face? Urban Decay’s B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray will give your skin that all-important wake-up call, plus a glow that’ll make you even more stoked for the sun. Urban Decay has hit the bull’s-eye once again, and will no doubt send you darting towards your ideal summer look. Apply this spray after cleansing your face, and voila, you’re primed for the next step…

2. Moisturize: We all know that the sun can be the devil for dry skin, but thankfully we are on hand to introduce you to your moisturizing god, Tatcha Moisture Rich Silk Cream. The wonderful people at Tatcha have formulized a revolutionary moisturizing cream that’ll give your skin the va-va-voom it’s been lacking. For silky smooth skin, apply the cream in circular motions to the face, massaging into those pesky dry spots.

3. Conceal: Now that your skin is perfectly primed, it’s time for your makeup base. Finding a foundation that’ll match your skin tone and type and last all day can be a tiring task for anyone. We think we’ve struck gold with our fabulous find; Pro-Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation by Makeup Forever lives up to it’s name.

4. Highlight: For glowing, bronzed, and blushed skin, use the fabulous Naked Flushed Palette from Urban Decay. This all-in-one silky bronzer, highlighter, and blush can be blended or used individually for that perfectly radiant summer look.

5. Finishing Touch: Now that your makeup looks amazing, help keep it that way with Tarte’s Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder. This silky translucent powder holds makeup in place all day long all while diffusing imperfections.

-Elizabeth Sutherland and Rachael Sprague 

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