Cheers to a Good Cause

by | May 8, 2017 | Dining, Events

Chef Sandra Lee and Chef Raffaele Ronca

She Chef vs He Chef was a showcase of not only Chef Sandra Lee and Chef Raffaele Ronca’s incredible talents in the kitchen, it was also two friends coming together to create delicious dishes and to support a good cause. With fifteen years of experience, the two spent the night creating wonderful and colorful plates based on each of their preferences at Ristorante Rafele, located in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Downtown was pleased to join award-winning Chef Raffele Ronca and Daytime Emmy Award winning, Semi-Homemade Chef Sandra Lee in their rivalry of the palettes benefiting the Food Bank for New York City.

Friends, family and Italian food lovers joined together to enjoy a curated menu while also giving back through their support for Chef Lee and Chef Ronca. Lee and Ronca were joined by long time friends as well as Todd Weiser and Jake Haelen, programming and development executives of The Food Network.

Chef Sandra Lee, Chef Raffaele Ronca, Jake Haelen and Todd Weiser joined by longtime friends.

The restaurant was completely packed as the patrons raved over the unique flavors coming from the kitchen. Diners enjoyed dishes like Ronca’s traditional Cacio & Pepe with Chef Lee’s choice of artichokes and Fiori di Zucca, fried in a light prosecco batter. Deliciozo!

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