Be Time, Me Time! Mobile Meditation Studio in NYC

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Health & Fitness

New York City — one of the busiest cities in the world, like many large cities — is witness to hard-working, overstressed, overly busy people, sometimes zombielike. Although as Alicia Keys makes a valid point, “These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” New York city takes over and among chasing and attaining your dreams, this city may cause you to feel worn down. Discovering a location or place to meditate, relax and breathe can be hard to find. Luckily, Be Time is here to assist in helping people attain mind space no matter where the person is. They bring the meditation to you.

Meditation on Wheels

Be Time is a meditation studio on wheels that offers meditation classes to every neighborhood. “Meditation for the People,” is Be Time’s motto, and they offer you a mental break in their mobile studio. The purpose of meditating is to bring in all the positive vibes surrounding and finding the mindfulness in oneself.

The founder Carla Hammond, a dedicated NonProfit worker in the New York area to many start-up organizations; found her enjoyment of meditation and wellness at the age of 15. She decided to build a unique meditation studio to bring mindfulness to busy New Yorkers at their convenience.

Carla believes, “It has been proven that just meditating 10-20 minutes a day increases your productivity and creativity, reduces stress, anxiety, and risk of cardiovascular disease, improves insomnia and relationships with yourself and others, amongst other amazing benefits.” Boosting energy and finding oneself peace can help fight busy city stress.

The Experience

Be Time believes a 30-minute meditation session so that people can disconnect and reconnect to improve their self-care. Be Timers will come out of class feeling more relaxed and connected with themselves. In the bus, New Yorker will find aromatherapy, light + Chromotherapy and weighted blankets to add to your meditation experience. Be Time wants people to continue to practice and practice meditation.


Be Time will offer first-timers a 30-minute session at $10. From then on, classes will regularly be available for $22 (30 min classes) and $11.00 (Open Space Sessions). Packages available, 5 for $99 and 10 for $190. Classes can be scheduled on Be Time’s website. To find out where the exact location the mobile studio is, you can check out their website or Twitter and Instagram @betimepractice.

Give it a try and see if this new mobile meditation practice can help you stay sane in the city.

Photos: Courtesy of Be Time

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