ZSS Skincare Tasting Event at The Smile

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Beauty, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Nutrition, Rx For Your Health

Photo courtesy of Krissy Lewis

Photo courtesy of Krissy Lewis

On June 17, there was an intimate tasting at The Smile highlighting ZSS Skincare—a recently launched product line with a nutrition-based philosophy. ZSS regimens are created with natural ingredients and are centralized around Zeaxanthin—a powerful antioxidant derived from orange paprika peppers.

All menu items incorporated a form of paprika, and the chef taught guests how to make two of the dishes. Boiled baby fingerling potatoes with paprika aioli, heirloom tomato salad with grilled manouri and paprika vinaigrette, and hibiscus margaritas with a paprika salt rim were a few of the highlights.

Photo courtesy of Krissy Lewis

Photo courtesy of Krissy Lewis

Emily Frank, the president of ZSS Skincare, and Paula Simpson, co-founder and holistic nutritionist, both spoke, educating guests on the role paprika plays within ZSS products, as well as the difference between regimens.

Method No. 1 Radiant Skin: is recommended for those with clear skin that would like to improve all-around skin health and appearance. It promotes an even skin tone, radiance and prevents moisture loss.

Method No. 2 Clear Skin: was created to treat rosacea (i.e., persistent redness and flushing), acne, as well as other blemishes. Like Method No. 1, it also enhances skin radiance and promotes an even skin tone.

Both systems come in two forms—as a serum and as a nutricosmetic (i.e., a dietary supplement). The serum allows users to target specific skin areas and the nutricosmetic is better fit for those that would like to improve skin health of the whole body. To learn more about the ZSS Skincare systems and ingredients, visit their website.

-by Katie Garry and Krissy Lewis

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