Spice Up Your Winter Skin Routine With Gaffer & Child

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Beauty, Featured

Winter is the driest season from the harsh winds to the dirty snow; people have to be hydrated all the time. An effective winter skin routine during the wintertime is key to renew dry, itchy skin. Lotion and other skin products are lifesavers to keep the face and body soothe throughout the winter. However, some products have chemicals and drugs that actually hurt your skin rather than improve it.

A skincare line like Gaffer & Child offers organic and sustainable products to make your skin healthy and vibrant. Gaffer & Child is a company based in L.A. who focus on putting natural and sustainably sourced ingredients into their products. The company is affiliated with Fair Trade LA and PETA to improve lives farmers, workers, and artisans and stop animal cruelty to animals in the cosmetics industry.

All of their products are 96% locally sourced, and every ingredient is:

  • non-GMO
  • organic
  • fair trade
  • vegan
  • cruelty-free
  • free of synthetics, petroleum, and artificial dyes


In their skin line, the Facial Cleaner is made from willow bark and green tea to repair damaged skin. To remove the dirt, dead skin and oil, Downtown Magazine recommends the Facial Scrub for winter skin and dried out spots on your face. Smooth out your shaving regimen with scents of lemon and lavender in gentle, hydrating Shaving Butter for dry legs. These products are not your typical skin routine, but the benefits of using these products will make you feel cleansed and wholesome from the natural ingredients.

Gaffer & Child make their customers aware of what he or she is putting on their skin. Plus, the bottle tells the customer what’s exactly in the product and ingredients the customer recognize. Other companies have chemicals where people can’t even pronounce them. Gaffer & Child products range from $26-34 and can be purchased online on Amazon Prime or check out their website. All the Gaffer & Child products can enhance your skin’s moisture content, which can be new products in your medicine cabinet for this winter. 


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