Whole Foods Coming To 1 Wall Street; Downtown Alliance Comments

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Downtown Living, Real Estate

Photo by Allison Stockamore of The Athlete's Kitchen

Photo by Allison Stockamore of The Athlete’s Kitchen

Earlier today, it was announced that Whole Foods will be opening up a new location in 1 Wall Street.

Whole Foods will be the first commercial tenant at the base of the Art Deco landmark, 1 Wall Street, which Macklowe is converting into a residential building. Whole Foods will take up about 44,000 square feet of space, spread out over three floors, two of which for shopping.

The new Whole Foods is scheduled to open sometime in 2018. The overall project at 1 Wall Street is estimated cost $1.5 billion.

Grace Capobianco, Publisher of Downtown, commented:

“This area is long overdue for more upscale grocery stores. With an increase in families almost daily, we have zero places to shop. Unless you out of desperation have to go to Gristedes, muttering to yourself as you shop, they have the most price-gouging of any store. 2 out of 5 visits you will surely have to go back for a second time because one or more of the items you purchased is either outdated, or has gone bad. When the first Whole Foods opened in 2008 in Tribeca, we downtowners were extremely happy, you would have thought that we won the lottery. Well, in actuality we did! We look forward to the second location below Canal. I love our downtown!”

Downtown Alliance's Jessica Lappin

Downtown Alliance’s Jessica Lappin

Jessica Lappin, President of The Alliance For Downtown New York, told Downtown:

“The announcement of Whole Foods coming to 1 Wall Street is one of many recent signs that Lower Manhattan has matured into a welcoming, full-service neighborhood that can meet the needs of both its residents and its workforce. Between the thriving restaurant scene, the tremendous growth of new retail stores, and now a centrally located grocery store, Lower Manhattan residents no longer have a reason to leave Downtown. Whole Foods will be a great addition to this location.”

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