Get Luxury Service at Discount Rates With The Whisk Car Service App

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Whisk, the only car service app created by New Yorkers for New Yorkers-

is expanding below 14th street through partnerships with reputable Downtown transportation dispatchers. Whisk provides limousine-level car service for retail and corporate clients at comparable yellow cab rates.

Whisk incentivizes new riders with a $10 fare beginning south of 14th Street to any location in Manhattan below 110th Street. The promotion code is BELOW14, and the offer stands until April 1 2014. These rides must be point-to-point and gratuity is not included.


The app is currently operating with over 2,500 contracted cars and more than 17,500 downloads.

Whisk matches the rider’s GPS system with a nearby driver, so there is no need to give a pick-up location.

If the rider changes locations between ordering the car and the arrival time, they need only to tap “Change Pickup” to reorient the driver. Existing transportation services have access to the Whisk technology and it makes them more convenient to use for riders.

As car transportation in cities moves in the direction of apps with credit cards on file, Whisk and other car services like Limo Find can provide valuable and expedient travel options for New Yorkers.

Download the Whisk App here

-Louise McKnight

Downtown Magazine