Where to Play Bingo in NYC

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Entertainment, Events

Bingo is one of the most popular games to play in the US and the introduction of this game dates as far back as 1929 when it came to North American shores. Americans are renowned for their social lives and this particular game is indeed that and can be played in a room full of people. Newbingosites.net’s mobile bingo sites list is bound to only increase the popularity of the game as people are fond of mobile apps and what is a better way to get more people on board than bringing the game to a digital platform. 

Of course, it should come as no surprise that a game as fun and rewarding as Bingo is so popular and just to enlighten the audience; we take a look at where the places are to enjoy this game in the Big Apple. 

Top Bingo Hall

This is the ideal place to go for a game with your friends and partners. Top Bingo Hall is dedicated to delivering the best of Bingo to New Yorkers and tourists. The venue opens at 9 am in the morning so that those who are looking for an early day of fun can do so freely. 

Fifth Avenue Bingo Hall

Located in 5th Avenue, this is another popular Bingo destination made famous for its ideal location. Tourists can enjoy strolling down 5th Avenue and quickly pop into the hall for gaming satisfaction. 

Le Poisson Rouge 

Due to popular demand, Bingo Fridays are back at the Le Poisson and are hosted by a much admired and adored drag queen, Linda Simpson. 

The Standard Grill

The fine-dining restaurant hosts a Bingo Night which is handsomely displayed in the rich backdrop of a 4-star restaurant in New York. 

The Stonewall Inn

Another show stopper is the Stonewall Inn where several drag queens host the show on Monday nights. So if you find yourself in the tourist destination of Stonewall, be sure you get in on the action and enjoy the show. 

As you can see, there are several destinations to enjoy Bingo, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the game almost every day and simply go to these establishments to meet new players with likeminded interests. However, in almost no time ahead, there will soon be a digital platform for New Yorkers to access their favorite game rather than having to get to a destination. This is a complete game-changer as players have a direct and instant line to Bingo. 

The futuristic online Bingo platform is underway and will allow players to connect with one another through this great and innovative idea. Now when players cannot reach their favorite Bingo destination, they have an alternative and can still win real money! Bingo has been around for hundreds of years and it has only increased in popularity as players around the world can appreciate the game. This kind of introduction to the online gaming community will be a notorious and popular one. 

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