Weekly Tip from Le Pet Spa

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Downtown Living, Editor's Pick, Pets


With the nice weather upon us, dogs will invariably congregate at one of the many dog parks in the city. But it can be difficult to discern when your dog is happily playing versus being subject to dog park bullying. Dogs tend to take turns chasing one another and pinning each other down. And a dog will generally back down when his playmate yelps or tries to hide. You can tell if your dog is feeling uneasy by noticing if he backs away from/ avoids eye contact with an approaching dog, tucks his tail underneath his body, licks his lips, or yawns excessively. If you sense there is any bullying taking place (or if your little darling might actually be the aggressor), it is best to take them for a walk to relax and enjoy the weather in another venue.

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