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by | Apr 10, 2015 | Downtown Living, Pets

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With the onset of flea and tick season, it is prime time to confer with your vet as to whether your pet is a candidate for preventive treatment with flea/tick products. While they tend to be quite effective, this category of products needs to be used with the utmost care so please follow instructions to the letter.


• Never double up on products (i.e. pairing a powder with a spot-on treatment) because it can be overly toxic and therefore harmful to your pet.

• Only apply the amount recommended for the size of your pet.

• Never use dog products on a cat, as this could actually prove to be fatal.

• Wear gloves during the application process, washing your hands thoroughly afterward.

• Follow directions with respect to proper storage and disposal of packaging.


It is important to keep pets separated while the product dries so they will not have an opportunity to lick one another and run the risk of swallowing the chemicals. Along the same lines, you will want to avoid any contact with the chemical on your pet until it is completely dry which generally takes 3-4 hours. If your pet shows signs of a reaction to the medication, contact your vet and report any issues to the National Pesticide Information Center at 1-800-858-7378.


In the event you detect fleas or ticks on your pet, be aware that professional grooming salons offer flea/tick removal and specialized baths.


Don’t forget to visit Le Pet Spa located at 300 Rector Place, open seven days a week!



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