Downtown Observes Veterans Day 2016 at The Freedom Tower

by | Nov 13, 2016 | Downtown Living, News

In honor of Veterans Day on Friday, the 9/11 Memorial paid tribute to the 9/11 victims who served in the United States military by placing yellow roses on their names. Downtown Magazine went to the memorial and talked to visitors about what the day means for them.

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What does Veterans Day mean to you?

Nikita from Louisiana: To me, Veterans Day is life; it’s all those before us that gave their lives so that I may have my life.

Anna from New York: Respecting and honoring our fallen heroes, to be sure that they haven’t been forgotten.

What would you like to say to thank our veterans?

Jaime from Oregon: Thank you for the opportunity to make our country safe so my kids can come across the country to see this.

Melissa from Ohio: My uncle was a vet in Vietnam so I’ve always been aware of veterans and how important they are to our country. I think we should always thank them, regardless of our political climate.

What does it mean to be here at the Freedom tower on Veterans’ Day?

Linda from Louisiana: It’s really overwhelming. To know what everyone went through here in New York at that time, it really gives me a sense of things that we take for granted.

Anna from New York: We lost a lot of veterans during the attack; it’s a very big deal that we honor each and ever one of them.

Barry from California: It’s always good to remember what veterans have done for us. I think the yellow roses are lovely.

Denise from New York: It’s always difficult to come down here and see the reality of what happened that day but I’m certainly grateful for all the people who made this the beautiful memorial that it is.

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