Unveiling of Eternal Summer at One Art Space

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“Eternal Summer” is a group art show running until July 21st at Tribeca’s own One Art Space. A reception unveiling the collection will be held on Tuesday, July 2018, from 6-9 pm. The reception will attempt, as the gallery does, to encapsulate summer. In tandem with the art collection, the reception will create an interactive and visually immersive summer experience.

Every individual experiences the summer season in a highly personal and distinctive way. The show attempts to embody summer, in all of its facets, by showing works from a wide and diverse group of artists. “Eternal Summer” portrays summer, in its raw form, through artistic talents of all experience levels and backgrounds. Ishaat Hossain, the young curator of “Eternal Summer” explained, “There are no exhibitions like this one. There are plenty of showings in the fall, but very few in the summer. It’s inclusive, it encompasses the feelings that summer holds. We have artists here as young as 16, we have former models, a neurologist…. That’s how art should be. Art is for everyone at all times of the year.”

The diverse group of artists showcased in “Eternal Summer” will be present at the unveiling. Their art will be accompanied by other creations that also epitomize summer in all of its forms. “There will be slushy cocktails. I was thinking crushed ice, sparkling champagne. All the things that say summer. People will be able to walk into here and experience summer visually and with drinks. Coming into the gallery from the heat outside will only add to the experience”, said a One Art Space volunteer.

Cleopatra Browne, one of the artists, is featured in the exhibition alongside her daughter.  Browne, who specializes in imaginative composition, affirmed that”One Art Space is a family. It is very inviting, and I am proud to be here.” She elaborated on the inspiration behind some of her work. ” I love nature. I love nature more than people. I portrayed mother nature as a woman. There is pollution, there are dead trees, but despite all that is happening to her, despite all the chaos around her, her face is still peaceful. There is still life. There is still hope. We have one Earth and we need to take care of it”. per Browne. 

“No one is left out, everyone is included but all the pieces have one thing in common. They either celebrate or frown about eternal summer. Summer is not always comfortable, but that’s also a part of summer” said One Art Space Owner, Dan Giella.

Collectively, the pieces create an accumulation of all the emotions experienced in the summer months such as insanity, joy, discomfort, and excitement. The mediums used to express these feelings are as diverse as the group of artists themselves. Sculptures, paintings and photographs can all be found in “Eternal Summer.”

Before One Art Space opens their next dynamic exhibition, envelop yourself in a visual presentation of summer. It is that relatable, and familiar subject that already surrounds us. 

Artists included in “Eternal Summer”

Allison Harrell, Becky Lloyd, Bergés Alvarez, Binna Kim, Brett Thompson, Cleopatra Browne, Debbie Dickinson, Eleni Giagkou, Elsa Marie Keefe, Evan Sebastian Lagache, Jessica Rubin, Jonny “Pens” Marto, Kam Chauhan, Katerini Bali, Katina Ansen, Keith Kattner, Lora Shapiro, Nancy Pantirer, Neil Kerman, Preksha Kapadia, R.M. Traub 

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