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Twelvehome is seemingly a beautiful decor website – yet it’s more than that. The dynamic duo behind is Paige Kramer and Christi Rogers, and together they wanted to create a way to make interior design easier – through their brand website they’ve introduced seven pre-designed rooms including original items such as rugs, lighting and art.

Each with their expertise – Kramer has a background in PR and Marketing, while Rogers has spent much of her career designing luxurious interiors for clients in the US and Europe. By combining their talents, the website radiates excellent design and materials, while accessibility is at the forefront. Living stylishly with a luxurious designer look does not always require an interior designer – or the price of one.

But how did the company come about? Downtown sat down with the two to talk about design, hardships and rewards as well as interior design tips and trends right now.

How did you go about creating Twelvehome, from idea to business?

We talked about it for years – literally years! We really wanted to be thoughtful about how we approached it and what our offerings would be and how we would differentiate ourselves from the other home decor websites out there.

We really looked to fill a gap in what we saw in the market in terms of products, giving consumers curated collections with a more overtly sophisticated and elegant style. And then we took it piece by piece, we started shopping and designing fabrics simultaneous to developing our website and looking for the best partner to do our cut and sew.

What has been the hardest part of starting the business?

Balance. In addition to being entrepreneurs we are also both moms. Christi essentially has three full time jobs and Paige has two. Managing this while paying careful attention to every detail from manufacturing, to web design, to room design, packaging and everything in-between has absolutely been a balancing act but we allowed ourselves a extra time to get it right.

And what has been the most rewarding?

Seeing something we both feel so passionately about come to life. It’s been long road – we started batting around this idea more than five years ago and now seeing our love for twelvehome come to life – it’s indescribable, the joy we mutually feel.

Which clientele do you cater to?

This as such a wide range. From first time home owners who want a beautiful pulled together look but either don’t want to emotionally engage or don’t feel financially comfortable engaging with an interior designer, to someone who just purchased their second home, to a bride, to a bachelor – we really feel as though we span a variety of demographics.

Who designs the rooms and choose the pieces?

It is truly a collaboration. We have worked together as designer and client for more than ten years now and sometimes we feel like we don’t even have to speak we are in each other’s head – we approach color and design identically. It’s absolutely the most fun part of twelvehome for us – we could design new rooms all day long and never tire of it. 

Interior design wise, what’s hot right now?

Obviously, we all know Greenery was the Pantone color for 2017 so we are seeing much about that and are still seeing endless amounts of the dusty rose craze. What we love about this is if they are your favorites or not, they both show a movement into bold beautiful colors in your interiors. And when you look through our rooms you will see our passion for color. Additionally, we are seeing a movement into beautifully layered textures which we have made a conscious effort to include in each of our rooms.


For someone dipping their toes into designing their homes, what is your best advice?

Follow your gut, yet don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone – sometimes you will be surprised to see how that one thing you were not exactly sure about ends up being your favorite thing about the room.

Why should people use your website and not hire an interior designer?

Oh we love interior designers — we are absolutely not saying don’t hire an interior designer. We are here to give another option that didn’t previously exist. We want everyone, who desires to live luxuriously with a perfectly designed room, to be able to do so – even if they don’t have the safety net of an interior designer.

Photos courtesy of Twelvehome

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