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by | Jun 10, 2015 | Dining, Health & Fitness, Nutrition

Photo by Katie Garry.

Photo by Katie Garry.

Mushroom Matrix defines their brand as the brainchild of health and wellness. After sampling their organic mushroom powders, Downtown finds this to be true in all variants.

Mushroom Matrix products are unique in comparison to other nutrient-rich powders because they are created to treat specific health issues, not exclusively general health or immune function. There is Heart Matrix—a blend developed to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, Respiratory Matrix—a powder that promotes lung function and normal histamine levels, and can relieve seasonal upper respiratory symptoms, and Blood Sugar Matrix—a blend that offers a natural blood sugar management treatment alternate.

All of the mushrooms used to create their powders are grown in their San Marcos, Calif. facility and go through a full-spectrum life cycle. When growth is complete, they are dehydrated at low temperatures to retain all enzymatic activity. These steps assure that all natural medicines in the mushrooms are preserved.

Here are three powders that target maintaining general health and enhancing immune function that we got to try out and recommend:


Critical Care: This powder is created with four powerful mushrooms and reduces inflammation, enhances immune function and energy levels. You can also use it as a method for natural detox.

Immune Matrix: Mushroom Matrix’s “Harnessing Natural Defense”—this blend contains digestive enzymes, beta-glucans, antioxidants and other nutrients that promote immune function and act as a defense against air-born infections.

Fit Matrix: Add this supplement to your smoothie or juice on the way to the gym. It contains Reishi, Cordyceps and four additional medical mushrooms that promote energy and enhance resistance training and cardiovascular workouts. You can also use it as an energy booster on a day-to-day basis.


By- Katie Garry

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