Try Before You Buy — A Hot New Trend in Buying New York City Apartments

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Business, Downtown Living, Real Estate

W New York - Downtown
Those searching for a luxury New York City apartment are often finding them in luxury hotels that often have residences for sale. In turn, many people will familiarize themselves with the hotel’s incredible amenities, checking out attractions, the convenience of the hotel’s location, and whether there’s a refined sushi take-out nearby.

Richard Nassimi of The Nassimi Group has exclusive listings in such coveted hotels and private residences such as the W New York – Downtown and the Andaz Wall Street.

One of New York City’s top 50 real estate brokers for several years — per The Real Deal — Richard recommends trying before buying, because a residential hotel offers potential buyers the unique opportunity to audition an apartment and its location before buying. “Armed with first-hand experience, the would-be buyer can make an informed decision because he will have experienced the building, area and amenities before making a long-term purchase commitment.” He continued: “Imagine how this helps buyers who know little about local sites.”


Richard Nassimi

Richard Nassimi

He further explained that the cost of a hotel room does not compare to the expense, time and trauma of making a wrong purchase decision, especially when the buyer is unsure if a particular apartment is right for them. By testing the apartment beforehand, the buyer can address all his concerns before making a commitment. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Gianfranco Garibaldo, a high-profile international client of Richard’s, was searching for a downtown home recently. Gianfranco viewed a few downtown hotels and residences — his preference — and could not decide between the Ritz Carlton, 75 Wall Street, 5 Beekman and the W. Richard recommended that Gianfranco stay overnight in each of the hotels to “experience” the spaces.

Said Gianfranco: “I had the luxury of actively participating in my search in a novel way. When I finally committed to my decision, I knew that my broker and I did everything that we could to choose the best place for me. It was a wonderful addition to the apartment search besides the market analysis, show-sheet, walk-though, property description and photos that affected my purchase.” He added: “It was the ability to have a hands-on approach to really see what it may be like living in the building together with the wisdom of my broker who knew the properties inside out.”

For more info on Richard and how to “try before you buy,” contact Chanel Korby at 212-571-6300 x212 or

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