3 Ways to Treat Yourself “Game of Thrones” Style

by | May 17, 2019 | Beauty, Culture, Dining, Downtown Eats Guides, Entertainment, Featured, Skincare, Specials

Are you counting down the days until the final episode of Game of Thrones? All of NYC is right there with you, especially these three spots offering GoT specials to help you cope.

Haven Spa GoT Spa Treatments

The luxurious Mercer Street spa is offering treatments for anyone looking to decompress from the stress of remembering what happened eight seasons ago on GoT. The Mother of Dragons Pedicure includes Dragon Fruit enriched scrubs and lotions for super soft and hydrated feet. The Dragon Glass Manicure features shiny chrome gel polish that looks just like dragon glass. The White Walker Body Scrub is a CBD scrub that helps you get rid of your dry, winter skin. The Fire & Ice Facial uses medical-grade masques and anti-inflammatory botanicals to leave you with skin like Khaleesi. The Geek Massage is a combination of therapeutic stretching and deep tissue work focusing on the upper body to relieve the tension caused by dragon riding (or television bingeing). Combination packages are also available. GoT inspired services, like the show, will only be around for a limited time so be sure to book yours today!

Poulet Sans Tête x Hill Country Game of Thrones Menu

Photo by Ethan Covey

Laurence Edelman of PST along with Chris Stark and Matt Miluk of Hill Country came up with GoT inspired menu items, available for pick-up and delivery exclusively at Poulet Sans Tête from 5-10pm every night of the week. Fans can order via Caviar, Seamless + PST’s website along with pick-up at Left Bank (117 Perry Street). The Gold Crown Chicken Chili features PST’s signature rotisserie chicken in Hill Country’s white sauce, Lord of Light Chicken pairs PST’s chicken with Hill Country’s special spiced chicken rub, and Fire & Ice Pickles add a sweet and spicy bite to your meal from sister restaurant Hill Country Chicken. Pair your dishes with White Walker BBQ Sauces for the ultimate feast.

Sprinkle’s Game of Thrones Cupcakes

No viewing party is complete without dessert! The limited edition Dragon Fruit Lemon cake is topped with Ice Blueberry buttercream frosting and Black Cherry Candy Dragon Glass and features a custom Game of Thrones decoration and sword. Bakeries will also offer dozen boxes with tons of GoT logos, including custom Targaryen, Lannister, and Stark decorations.

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