Here’s Why You Should Travel To Europe This Summer

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Featured, Travel

Ah, Paris. We’ve been longing to visit the heart of Europe in the summertime when the air is sweet with cherry blossoms and excitement (and the weather is actually warm!). We also wouldn’t mind taking a hop, skip and a jump over to Italy to find out what ‘authentic’ pizza tastes like (probably nothing our favorite Hawaiian from Ray’s!). Spain, too. …Maybe we should just book a month-long cruise around the Mediterranean.

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All budgeting jargon aside, summer is certainly the best time to visit Europe because of the relatively moderate weather. Temperatures in most places remain in the mid to upper 80s throughout the season, with certain countries like Spain, seeing several consecutive days of 100+ degree weather. For those of you that dislike strong summer heat, we suggest heading to Luxembourg or Finland, where temperatures rarely break 80 degrees. Take note of this extra bonus when heading to Finland: in some parts of the country, July and August never experience nighttime; the sun simply doesn’t set. If you’re into the whole ‘up all night’ thing a la One Direction, this is the place for you.


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No matter where you decide to go, we urge you to cash in those vacation days you’ve been stockpiling and head over the pond for a fabulous (and much deserved) get away….thank us later!

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