Top 5 Summer Scents

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Our favorite season is finally here and that means trips to the beach, outdoor parties, hot nights and even hotter days. DOWNTOWN’s top picks for summer scents all encapsulate that laid-back, happy summer feeling that we all know and love. Whether you’re a fan of floral or fruity, these sweet scents will help you start your summer off right.

1. Jo Malone Limited Edition Silk Blossom: Known for her unique and iconic fragrances, Jo Malone hits it out of the park yet again with the new limited edition Silk Blossom. Deemed the irresistible scent of summer, this sweet and enticing fragrance is perfect for carefree summer days. Pair this with Jo Malone Orange Blossom for a feminine, floral scent or with Jo Malone Red Roses to create a luminous, romantic aura.

2. Tata Harper Love Potion: Feel sexy and confident for summer with this Tata Harper staple. Love Potion combines an aromatic blend of ten of the world’s most potent aphrodisiacs to “stimulate the senses, heighten sensuality, and immediately inspire an inner sense of beauty.” This powerful and tantalizing fragrance is perfect for summer date nights.

3. Bond No. 9 Perfumista Avenue Swarovski Solo Stunner: Well, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. This limited edition Swarovski encrusted “superstar bottle” is as fabulous as the scent that fills it. With notes of peonies, jasmine, and patchouli, this scent is a must-have for all fragrance fanatics.

4. Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance: Again and again, Ralph Lauren has come forward with the best classic summer scents. According to their newest fragrance, Midnight Romance, “passion burns brightest in the dark.” This mysterious and romantic scent evokes images of young summer love and sneaking out for late night swims.

5. Mermaid Perfume: Remember when you were young and summer meant spending hours in the pool pretending you were a mermaid? Don’t let the make-believe end now — this ethereal fragrance captures that same whimsical feeling. Summon your inner Ariel with this beachy scent.

-Elizabeth Sutherland

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