The TUCK Room’s Adam Seger Shares Three Thanksgiving Drinks

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With just one day till Thanksgiving, we’re getting ready for some serious turkey trotting, feasting and spending time with families and friends. But, before we sit down and get ready for the turkey, there’s one thing missing And no, I’m not talking about the creamy mashed potatoes or that green bean casserole. I’m talking drinks!

While wine is an excellent choice, there are so many drink options out there, you might want to make it a little more festive. Adam Seger, master mixologist at The TUCK Room, shares three of his favorite drink recipes for Thanksgiving. A bourbon-based drink, a special mojito, and a healthier Eggnog, all of which can be easily recreated at home!



Serves 6

Bourbon Base:
1 Cup Bourbon
1/4 Cup Balsam Amaro (Available at Astor Wines)
1/2 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice (from 2 large or 3 medium lemons)
1/2 Cup Maple Syrup

Mix above ahead of time and chill in the refrigerator

Build Each ‘Wise Old Sage’ in a Highball:
Fill glass with ice
Fill just past halfway with sparkling water (or luxe it with Champagne)
Add 3oz of Bourbon Base
Top with 1 heaping tablespoon Cranberry Sauce
Stir and garnish with cranberries and fresh sage




Cranberry Sauce:
1 Naval orange cut in chunks
1 Lemon, ends removed, cut into chunks, seeds removed
1/2 cup Sugar
1 cup whole Cranberries

Put above in a food processor, blend just until cranberries are well chopped, but not pureed

Build in a Festive Tumbler:
Three heaping spoonfuls of Cranberry Sauce
Handful of torn Mint Leaves
Fill with Ice
Add 1.5oz Premium Rum
Fill to top with Ginger Beer
To mix, pour into another tumbler, then back into original tumbler
Garnish with a skewer of 3 fresh Cranberries, Slapped Mint Sprig and a Candy Cane

For a nojito, skip the rum and finish with a bendy straw!


Makes 2 Quarts

For Eggnog, I recommend 1oz of Bourbon, Dark Rum or Brandy per 5oz of Eggnog. Then add freshly grated nutmeg to make it really special. Serve in a punch bowl with ice on the side so it doesn’t dilute. If you have kids and those who do not imbibe, either serve the spirits separately with a Jigger to measure or make a separate spirit free punch Bowl.

To reduce your guilt, try my Greek Yogurt Eggnog:

Whisk Together:
1 Quart Fat-Free Greek Yogurt
1 Pint Egg Beaters
.5 Cup Skim Milk
1.5 Cups Maple Syrup
3 Ounces Vanilla Extract

Keep Refrigerated – Good for 1 Week



Holiday Entertaining Tip

Your friends and family make the holidays, with some cheer from a well-balanced cocktail getting all in the mood. Pull out your punch bowl and your favorite pitcher so that you can make a few drinks at a time and spend your time imbibing and chatting with your guests versus taking up Holiday time making individual drinks.

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