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by | May 20, 2015 | Culture, Entertainment

Tiny Theatre 1

Photo courtesy of Darial Sneed

Lower Manhattan theatre fans can experience a new show…one at a time.  I’m Not the Stranger You Think, is a new state of the art performance piece from the Theatre for One company founded by Tony Award-winning set designer, Christine Jones and presented by Arts Brookfield and True Love Productions.  It is comprised of a series of short plays performed by one actor at a time for an audience of just a single person in a 4-by-8 room. Audience members line up to see one of seven short plays performed by one of six different actors in a miniature theatre, complete with lighting, sound, and design. Audience members are then invited to get back in line and experience another performance following the conclusion of the first. The concept stems from the philosophy that emotional connection can be achieved at any moment, at any time, and with any person.

“Theatre for One creates a relationship between two people in a suspended moment of time,” said Jones. “The actor gives the gift of a private performance, and the audience gives the actor the gift of their full attention.  This mutual investment heightens the dramatic experience and shines a light on the narrative being shared between them.”

Tiny Theatre 2

Photo courtesy of Darial Sneed.


The performances will tell innovative stories in innovative ways.

“Theatre for One shares Arts and Brookfield’s commitment to reimaging the arts for public spaces and engaging audiences in new and unexpected ways. Together with these world class playwrights, we are taking on contemporary issues that we all grabble with,” said Debra Simon, vice president and artist director of Arts Brookfield. “These five minute plays cover thought-provoking topics that impact us all-love, violence, politics, etc. It’s meaty material. We are thrilled to bring this literally singular theatrical experience to audiences throughout New York City.”

I’m Not the Stranger You Think will be performed for free at three New York City locations. It will be performed at the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place May 18-May 24, Zuccotti Park May 27-31, and Grace Building Plaza June 2-4.

by – Alyssa Bajek

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