The U.S. flagship John Hardy store opens Nov. 11, Artisan in Residence program announced

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Fashion


SoHo welcomes a new flagship store this fall with John Hardy, a Balinese-inspired luxury jewelry brand. This opening will be John Hardy’s first ever U.S. flagship store, promising exclusive pieces of jewelry that will only be found at the new New York City location.

After graduating college, John Hardy traveled to Bali and fell in love with the beauty of the island. He first started the jewelry business in 1975 when he collaborated with local Balinese artisans. Since then, the company has grown internationally while remaining dedicated to sustainable practices, community and artisanship as a whole.

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Each piece in John Hardy’s collections ensures that all tell a story. According to its website, all collections “convey evocative symbolism and honor the transmission of creative energy from the artisan to the wearer.” The development process of each piece of jewelry is so intricate, detailed and bonded with the artisan that it is so much more than just an accessory when it comes to John Hardy.

SoHo’s new John Hardy flagship will feature a sensory experience that takes the sounds and smells of Hardy’s Bali workshop and showroom and places them in the downtown New York location. The flagship will also host its “Artisan in Residence” program from Nov. 19 to Dec. 3. The program will showcase its expert artisans from Bali and their how-to techniques for designing John Hardy jewelry, a hands-on experience for all who visit the flagship.

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