The Swedish Candy Experience at BonBon

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Dining, Your Weekly Indulgence

Image from BonBon NYC

Swedish candy store BonBon stands out as a place to satisfy the sweet tooth, for both its vibrant, Instagram-aesthetic pink and blue storefront in the Lower East Side, and its clear dedication to the founders’ mission of delivering “tastes of joy, nostalgia, and sweetness.”

The walls inside are stacked with the familiar candy store cases of brightly-colored imported sweets, with enough choices for everyone to find something they like. They have even taken their philosophy of providing accessible, joyful products to their customers further; all of the items they sell are untouched by GMO, trans-fat, and high fructose Corn Syrup, and 40% are gelatin-free so far.

Among the colorful displays, there are a few stand-outs. BonBon’s sour peach gummy candy is visually recognizable, but it tastes like a real peach, with no hint of artificial flavoring, and the sour Cola gummies share the same additive-free, not-too-sweet flavor.

This authenticity carries through in their other products as well, like their version of the traditional bright red Swedish fish. The sweet taste and chewy texture are still there, but they’re paired with lighter, more natural coloring, light reds, yellows, and oranges, indicating the lack of artificial dye that usually comes with the popular candy.

The shop also sells a variety of Swedish-imported licorice, a Swedish candy staple. Even for those who aren’t a fan of the flavor, they sell candies and caramels with only hints of it, so you can still get the full Swedish candy experience.

Image from BonBon NYC

Their soft-serve ice cream could easily take a backseat among the many sweet treats in the store, but it too stands out for its smooth texture and the good selection of toppings. You can top the vanilla or chocolate ice cream with Swedish sprinkles that have real fruit or chocolate flavoring, specialty topping sauces, candy, and more.

Image from BonBon NYC

BonBon is a growing destination; it draws people in with its Instagrammable exterior and then keeps them coming back because of the quality and care its founders put into their products. Their products are for sale online and available in some hotels, and the store on 130 Allen Street is definitely worth a visit (or two).

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