The Newest Pop-up Welcomes New Yorkers To Visit and Celebrate

by | Aug 24, 2020 | City News, Dining, Museums

Hot Pot Lab, the Newest Pop-Up

After more than 3 months quarantine due to COVID-19, New Yorkers are now in the reopening phase of their beloved city. It’s a welcome relief for all especially small businesses throughout the city.

Museums like the Moma announced their reopening after a 4-month quarantine, and we could not be happier. New Yorkers are more than excited to go again, but say that they will remain visually concerned about the risk and take the CDC guidelines seriously to avoid exposure.

Hot Pot Lab, the newest pop-up, this interactive food-themed pop-up art gallery, will focus on the integration of food and art with interactive installations. This creative concept not only offers visitors the opportunity to explore art but allows visitors to learn about Hot Pot.

When we asked several New Yorkers for their favorite Chinese dish, many said that their favorite is Kung-pao Chicken.”

But in-fact Hot Pot is one of the most popular in Chinese culture. When researching, we found that there is archaeological evidence that shows the earliest hot pots, appeared around the Zhou dynasty. This research and many conversations we had with Chinese people, Hot Pot does appear to be one of the most significant dishes among the Chinese people.

The founders of Hot Pot Lab cleverly created the merging of Hot Pot dining and art installations. The exhibit is around 3,500 sqft, crossing two levels at their location of 57 Bond. Inside you will find more than 15 art scenes in this uniquely designed space.

The experience includes artistic installations, free hot pot and bubble tea coupons, an exclusive gift shop as well as indoor and outdoor photo opportunities.

I really like the Sudoku installation. It is a machine depicting people eating hot pot all at the same table. The founder explains that the eyes of the machine will move to follow the visitor in their personal chamber, as ingredients are served.

My daughter likes the Mochi installation most because she can lean on the giant white cushion and feel the softness and stickiness of the mochi. I think every child will enjoy this type of installation.


When I asked the founders how they will protect each visitor during this difficult time. They gave me an introduction to their opening policy. The Hot Pot Lab will follow both New York and the CDC reopening guidelines, visitors will be required to wear a face-covering when entering the pop-up. Each space will be thoroughly cleaned before and after their guest leave. In addition, throughout the day, all touchpoints will be sanitized immediately after each visit.

There will also be a limit to the number of people on each floor to ensure social distancing.

For more information,

This exhibition supports the Food Bank of New York City, the city’s largest hunger-relief NGO during COVID-19 by donating one dollar per ticket sold.



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