The Easiest Tan Ever with CoolTan’s Tan Through Swimwear and Shirts

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Fashion, Featured

Whether you live in a sunny location year-round or have to resort to winter getaways to far-off places to get your sunshine, we can all agree that one of the most sought-after looks is that sun-kissed, all-over, gorgeous tan. However, tanning is often a lot harder than it can seem. Between sticky and streaky tanning lotions, expensive spray tans or tanning beds, and awkward tan lines that happen with most swimsuits, it can seem pretty difficult, if not impossible, to achieve that bronzed look. That’s why we were so excited when we found California-based company CoolTanⓇ and their unique line of Tan-Through swimwear and shirts.

No More Tan lines

CoolTan’s Tan Through Swimwear-Shirts

String Bikini

CoolTan is making it easier than ever before to get the perfect, most natural looking tan with swimsuits and shirts that you can tan right through, it can be as easy as lazing by the pool or walking along the beach! CoolTan has created a specially formulated Microsol V fabric that is knitted to create millions of tiny pores. These pores let in approximately half of the sun’s rays, functioning like a medium-level sunscreen to get you a great tan without damaging your skin. The Microsol V fabric is also incredibly lightweight and lets air and water pass right through the suit, keeping you cool and drying up to 3x faster than normal swimsuits, making it the perfect choice for bringing on vacation.

 CoolTan’s Tan Through Swimwear

Bikini Tan -Through

“The most sought-after looks is that sun-kissed, all-over, gorgeous tan”

CoolTan also has a line of Tan-Through shirts that let you get a great tan while playing golf or tennis or even just going about your daily activities. Their shirts contain that same Microsol V fabric so you’re sure to keep dry and cool while also looking great and getting an amazing tan all at the same time.

CoolTan’s Tan Through Swimwear and Shirts

String Bikini


“The Microsol V fabric is also incredibly lightweight”

Cooltan has a variety of different women’s swimsuit styles including monokinis and 1-pieces, to a halter top and string bikinis. Men’s swim styles include briefs, hipsters, fitted shorts, swim trunks, and board shorts, guaranteeing that you’ll find the perfect style to suit you. No matter what your style preference we highly recommend giving CoolTan a try if you want to see just how easy it can be to get an amazing tan, no more tan lines required.


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