The Crafty Kids Donates to Local Seaport Restaurants!

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Stacey Kurylo, the owner of The Crafty Kids, a roving crafts program for children, wanted to do something for Seaport restaurants still suffering from the effects of the hurricane  after more than a year. She said, “As a new small business I didn’t think there was anything I could do to help. Then I had this idea to use my craft business in a unique way.”

Her idea is that if a restaurant distributes her kits to young customers to enhance their dining experience then the customer will remember that restaurant with a smile and want to go back. “It’s only a small donation to these wonderful restaurants but if even one customer comes back to each restaurant because of this then at least I know I’ve helped in some way.” Each kit contains a storybook craft with paper, cover, string, crayons, and lots of stickers so children can create their own storybook and then write their own story while waiting for their food! Each restaurant received 20 kits in various themes. Themes included aquatic life, wild west, butterflies, outer space, dinosaurs, flowers, transportation, and more. Restaurants are currently distributing them to their customers with children.

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