The bodyART Experience

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By: Aida M. Toro and Adam Que

To us, bodyART absolutely puts the A.R.T in the heart. Not to be confused with Y-7 Yoga, bodyART is set in Western Exercise Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The bodyART training system is created to help individuals perform at their highest physical level while staying injury-free. It is a non-competitive, welcoming environment where individuals can concentrate on themselves and their personal goals.

Last Wednesday, Downtown had the chance to take a class with Ryan Beck, the owner and Creative Director of bodyART. Beck, a Downtown New York resident, is originally from Los Angeles where he had a voluminous dancing career. He danced for Beyonce, the Black Eyed Peas, MOMIX, MTV, and more. He was also a content director for companies like ABC, BC/EFA, Good Morning America, and Hard Rock Cafe.

The bodyART Experience

Photo Credit: bodyART

Robert Steinbacher, the creator of bodyART, introduced the concept to Beck in 2011. He loved it. Since then, Beck has been granted exclusive rights to launch, manage, and operate all bodyART studios in the country. 

bodyART has three different class options: Original, Deepwork, and Flow. We took the Original class, a holistic workout providing cardio, strength training and flexibility work inspired by martial arts, yoga, physical therapy, and classical conditioning. As I am an avid CrossFitter and Adam a Fitness Practitioner, we both had different perspectives of the Original bodyART class.

Aida’s Perspective:

Taking this bodyART class made me realize that I can be very stiff. My cardio and strength are decent, but I struggled when Ryan had us swing our arms. Then I began to loosen up and felt amazing doing the rest of the movements. My lower back was hurting all week but, by the time I finished the bodyART class, my back felt as if it had never hurt. In the last ten minutes of the class, we meditated with our eyes closed. I got a tad bit emotional as Ryan told us to imagine ourselves at the end of 2020. Overall, the bodyART class provided me with a sense of emotional and physical relief.

The bodyART Experience

Credit: Jayna Photography

Adam’s Perspective: 

BodyART was a true release for my whole being. The way Ryan had us flow from one movement to the next seamlessly, made me feel in tune with my body. He asked questions about our body during the class like, “Which foot felt heavier than the other.” It made me even more aware of that mind-body connection. And as the music came into sync with the rhythm of the class–fast to slow, exertion to relaxation–I felt that stress and the weak cold I was harboring seep out of my pores. To capture it simply, it was healing. And that becomes even more apparent towards the end of class, where Aida expressed her experience about it so eloquently.

The bodyART Experience

Credit: Jayna Photography

bodyART should be on everyone’s agenda. With this being stated, do your body and mind a favor and book your next class with Ryan by clicking on this link:

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