Sweet Corner Bakeshop Pride Specials

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Dining

Sweet Corner Bakeshop is located in the West Village, serving home made baked goods all day. They are known for their warm cookies: the famous red velvet cookie filled with gooey nutella, the crunchy chocolate chip cookies with lots of salt or even a cookie filled with cheesecake. There’s simply no need to choose between your favorite desserts if you can have it all in one cookie!
Sweet Corner Bakeshop has recently stepped up their game in honor of pride month, turning their delicious sweets rainbow-colored. And we all know, everything that looks aesthetically pleasing is way more fun to eat, not to mention delicious.

If rainbow colored cheesecakes, cupcakes or layer cakes don’t make you feel like a happy unicorn, we’re not sure what will. Let’s start with the rainbow colored cheesecake — we are in New York City aka the city of cheesecakes after all. It’s topped with a light cream and sprinkled with confetti, while keeping its traditional cookie crust. It’s a must try.
The layer cake is surprisingly light and fluffy for a seven(!) layer cake with buttercream, and the thousands of sprinkles and confetti add crunch to each bite. We’re just hoping those thousand sprinkles doesn’t equal a thousand calories. But then again, when it tastes like this, we don’t really care about the calories…
Want something similar but smaller? The unicorn cupcake has your name written all over it.

If you haven’t got a sweet tooth however and these sweets don’t get you salivating in the slightest, Sweet Corner Bakeshop also serves up plenty of savory sandwiches, bagels and paninis. The cherry on top the rainbow-colored cake? They recently started serving brunch, and the outdoor seating is great for people watching.

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