Sunni Spencer: A Boutique or a Vacation?

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Fashion, Featured, Lifestyle

When thinking of warm weather fashion, many think of comfortable, bright, and whimsical pieces. If only the joy that comes from sunny days and summer style could last all year. Thankfully, at  Sunni Spencer in the West Village, the bliss of summer attire continues throughout the year.

Sunni Spencer curates home decor, clothing, and accessories from all over the world. Her carefully selected items cater to the beach lover in everyone. Spencer takes inspiration for her boutique from travels in Mykonos, Anguilla, and the Bahamas.  Her New York storefront will convince all who enter that they too have made a tropical escape.

“Its a little getaway in New York. Everyone says it feels like they are on vacation when they are in here. That is totally what we want. We hear it every day. People feel like they escaped the bustling hard concrete city of New York and that they have come into this fresh environment,” says Spencer.

This summer season, pom-poms, baskets, tassels and rotunda bags all decorated the city streets with carefree vibes. These trendy items do not have to be banished to the back of your closet in preparation for the Fall. Spencer explains, “its cool to carry baskets all year round. Especially for the beach lover anyway.”

For Fall, Spencer suggests “mixing earthy tones with something light and fresh. I love chocolate brown with an off-white for example. Pair darks with whites or pastels.”  Thus, your beloved light, summer pieces can easily be converted into versatile fall favorites.

Although chocolate brown will be trending in the Fall, Spencer warns that “in general it’s about finding things that are flattering and that will last you instead of following trends.”

Sunni Spencer’s boutique radiates relaxing feelings. The music, smells, and color palette in Sunni Spencer all work together to create an ambiance that screams summer relaxation. As Spencer says, her boutique is a “destination to feel like you have escaped, to feel like you are on vacation. Who does not love being on vacation? It can be a pillow for your home, a candle that smells amazing, or something you are wearing. ” An item purchased at Sunni Spencer is an item with the power to remind you of happy days spent in the sun, regardless of the weather or the season.




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