Sugar Content of Popular Beverages Exposed

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Photo: Courtesy of Urbane Block

Ever wonder how much sugar a typical Grande White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks has? Or even a seemingly healthy Manga-A-Go-Go smoothie from Jamba Juice? These amounts are often larger than expected. New World Health Organization guidelines suggest keeping your intake below 25g per day. Which popular beverages exceed that limit in a single serving?

Top Findings:

Jamba Juice Original Size Mango-a-Go-Go

105 g sugar

26.25 teaspoons of sugar

491 Calories

Chocolate McCafe Shake

77 g sugar

19.25 teaspoons of sugar

560 Calories

White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (with whipped cream)

59 g Sugar

14.75 teaspoons of sugar

470 Calories


33 g Sugar

8.25 teaspoons of sugar

138 Calories

Red Bull

25.95g Sugar

6.49 teaspoons of sugar

116 Calories

AirZona Iced Tea

21.86 g Sugar

5.47 teaspoons of sugar

89 Calories

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