Strengthening Tips For Hitting The Slopes This Winter

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Have you been looking for a snowboarding refresher course before heading out to your winter vacation homes this year? Check out these training tips from fitness expert and founder of DIAKADI, Billy Polson, to get your body strengthened for this winter!

Adding a balance board to your exercise routine is key to help you stay on your feet and avoid injury while hitting the slopes this season.

What you need:

  • Balance Board
  • A Skateboard, long board, or even a short plank of wood
  • 2 heavy weights

1) Lean with it, rock with it- Flip your balance board over so the flat side is up. Carefully hop on the board, spacing your weight evenly across the board. Bend your knees and rock side to side, shifting your weight carefully, holding your core tight and maintaining balance.

2) Take it up a notch- Using the same balance board, flip it right side up so the round, air filled part is face up. Take your long board, skateboard or even a short plank of wood and evenly place it over the balance board. Grab your two heavy weight and carefully step up onto the board, finding your balance and holding it in a squat position. Bring your arms out to your sides and start lifting slowly up and slowly down, while maintaining your balance. Perform 2 sets of 15.

3) Practice your moves- After your last rep, drop the weights, squat lower, and hold. Practice shifting weight onto your toes, just like you are taking a turn on the mountain. You can do some toe turns, move the weight into your heels, then back to your toes. Shift from side to side, practicing your turns and conditioning your legs for those long runs ahead.

By simply adding a few new moves to your existing workout routine, you can now make the difference between a great day on the slopes and having to call it quits early. More importantly, you will condition, strengthen and help prevent injury when you finally get to the mountain.



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