Best Street Art Spots in Downtown NYC

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Culture, Entertainment, Featured

The streets of New York City are art galleries in and of themselves. There are murals and graffiti on every corner of the city these days. Perhaps the best thing about the street artwork, is that it’s always temporary. A huge mural can be drawn up in a matter of hours and be on display for a few weeks before it is painted over and replaced with the next work of art. The ever-changing scheme of art in New York City definitely captures the nature of life in the city. Here are a few of the hot spots for street art in downtown Manhattan worth visiting right now:

Bowery Mural Wall

Photo: Courtesy of Untapped Cities

Situated on the border of SoHo, this wall which takes up nearly half of the block regularly features different, brightly-colored large-scale artwork. The Bowery Mural was made famous in the 1980’s when famous artist Keith Haring displayed his artwork here. Since then, the wall has been acquired by Goldman Global Arts, who also curates the Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida. Currently, the mural is featuring a collaboration by artist Lakwena and Instagram promoting their #KindComments campaign. The wall is even visible at night since they’ve installed lights above the mural.


First Street Green Art Park

Photo: Courtesy of @ziggi.smalls, Mural by @jasonnaylor

What was once an abandoned building lot in downtown Manhattan is now a walk-through art gallery and garden. The Lower East Side open-air community space hosts murals, art installations, and performances. The park spans almost all the way down the block with lots of murals on display along the pathway, right along Houston St. The First Street Green Art Park works with local artists, schools, and members of its community to curate the artwork in the garden and offer sustainable programming. This gallery gives a nature element in the middle of the bustling city if you’re keen to explore a green space.


Lafayette Street

Photo: Courtesy of The L.I.S.A. Project

Get off the beaten path of Broadway, and head down Lafayette Street. This street features shops, cafes, and artwork. These few blocks best showcase the style of SoHo. The walls feature independent projects’ work like the L.I.S.A. project, and high-end brands like Gucci displaying their artsy side. It is certainly worthwhile to stroll down Lafayette and visit all the art and trendy stores in the neighborhood.

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

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