Statement Makeup For The Holiday Season

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Statement makeup is the way to go this holiday season. What’s a statement? When one feature is highlighted, as in a strong bright lip, or a dark smokey eye and everything else is neutral and soft. 

For the holidays, the red lip will always be classic, but spice it up with a different texture. Try ultra matte, or add a touch of glitter on top of your lipstick or gloss for a sparkly accent. Holiday colors may be green and red, but think gold for your look. A golden gilded eye shadow, or the latest trend, a golden brow. All the rage on the runways this year.

You’ve spent time filling in that brow, now keep it perfect. Over any brow makeup apply a clear brow wax. The wax will not only set your brow makeup but make your brow shadow or pencil water resistant. Perfect for that party that goes all night long. A dark bold brow is all the rage, but but sure to not to go too dramatic. Went too far? Brush a touch of Blonde Brow Shadow to soften.

Elke’s Brow Tips

  • Create your own holiday brow with Elke’s Clear Brow Gel and shimmer glitter. 
  • Use a clean spoolie brush or mascara wand and pick up your brow gel on your brush. Then over a contained surface, sprinkle your glitter onto the brush. 
  • Apply through your brows. A swipe through will give a soft shimmer effect. Two to four passes will up the glitter factor and make brows dramatic.
  • Pick glitter shades in the same depth as your brows (ie brunettes look great in dark purple, or copper. Black brows look striking with black or dark blue glitter, blondes always win with gold or clear or white.
  • For a dramatic brow, apply your brow mascara, or actual lash mascara with a fan brush. Brush on lightly to the hairs evenly throughout, or focus on just the fronts or the ends of the brows for a more textured, natural feel.
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