Sky offers city’s first tenants-only room service

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Business, Real Estate


Photo: Tim Waltman for Evan Joseph Images

Last week, The Moinian Group announced that Sky — New York City’s most luxurious rental building and the country’s largest in a single tower — is the only residential building in the city to offer room delivery service exclusively for tenants. Residents can order healthy food, nutritious drinks and alcoholic beverages to their units via the tenants-only “Life Time Health” mobile app, which offers quick delivery services from the building’s in-house LifeCafe.

The Moinian Group is the first real estate development company in New York City to answer renters’ demand for healthier and faster food delivery via their innovative room service offering. “We provide residents with a five-star amenity that other buildings have yet to offer their tenants,” said Mitchell Moinian, SVP of The Moinian Group. “The primary advantage of this service is that it allows tenants the ease, privacy and convenience of ordering within Sky, an advantage they don’t have if they order takeout from a restaurant.”

Natasha Vardi, SVP of Residential Properties at The Moinian Group, added: “Tenants are pleasantly surprised when they encounter this service because it is so unique and unusual for a residential building to provide. Typically, people order from a local restaurant and hope that it comes within a reasonable span of time.” But with the mobile app, Sky guarantees delivery from its LifeCafe in about 20 minutes. “In New York, such a short delivery time is unheard of,” noted Vardi.

The healthy food delivery options include breakfast, lunch and dinner options like salads and sandwiches. Tenants can also order delicious fruit smoothies, shakes, wine and beer.

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