Simon&Kully Summer Clothing Perfect For Moms

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A fashionable summer clothing line named Simon&Kully is new to the mother scene. This line is simple, sleek, and fit for sunny days; perfect for the summer and resort seasons. Simon&Kully sports a multipurpose and versatile line, featuring dresses and tunics that can easily transition from a day to night look, with an array of patterns  to choose from when thinking about purchasing something comfortable and stylish.

Andie Kully, an interior designer residing in the West Village, and Fashion designer Suzanne Simon, partnered together to create this fab beach-inspired collection. Simon and Kully met at their children’s nursery school and soon became friends through their shared love for design, fashion, and warm weather; which led to the establishment of their chic clothing line for moms.

The Simon&Kully style is flattering, timeless and fresh. All of their dresses feature pockets for the convenience of holding small objects, and the pieces are primarily made of either cotton or silk.

When catching up with Kully about the inspiration for her summer clothing line she said “fabulous warm weather places,” and “anywhere that has a beach,” such as Mystique Island, Turks and Caicos, and the Hamptons. She said her vision was to create something fresh, light, and comfortable to wear in warm weather, while also maintaining refreshing style.

The pieces are  great to wear when going to pick up your kids from school and heading to the park, and perhaps meeting a friend for dinner afterwards.

Simon&Kully is sold at their online store, and at Carleen Ligozio in South Hampton.

– Mariah Brown





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