Serafina Comes To TriBeCa

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Dining, Downtown Eats Guides

Serafina celebrated the launch of its 10th location last week, as it opened a new restaurant in TriBeCa. Founded by the utterly charming and impossibly stylish duo that is Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato, the Neapolitan cuisine is fast becoming a Downtown staple.

“The neighborhood aligns perfectly with what our brand is all about, providing guests a place to dine out with the same comfort found within their own home. It’s an incredibly family-friendly community and we’re excited to be a part of it,” said Granato.

“The new location is situated in the heart of TriBeCa and easily accessible, located across the street from the Chambers Street Subway line.”

Downtown had the pleasure of dining at the venue last night and savored a feast of nine dishes including the infamous truffle pizza, a divine masterpiece that should be on every foodie’s to-do list, as well as three different kinds of pasta, truffle risotto and tiramisu. Delizioso!


“We like to add a little something unique to the menu when we open a new location, while still keeping the menu pretty similar to all Serafina locations,” said Assaf.

“We know what our customers expect, whether you visited the first location or one that’s only been open for a short time, you will experience the same fabulous food we introduced over 20 years ago,” said Assaf. The new location will also feature the restaurant’s famous light, thin-crust pizza made with OO flour and extra virgin olive oil imported directly from Italy, cooked until perfectly crisp in a signature display pizza oven, also imported from Italy,” Assaf added.

At the event, the duo also announced that they will be launching a new hotel in Puerto Rico later this year. Favoloso! 

Photos courtesy of Serafina

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