The Seaport Youthmarket Should Be Your Next Stop

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The Youthmarket sells greens that look too good to eat.

If you’re familiar with the Greenmarkets around New York City, then it’s time to become acquainted with the Seaport Youthmarket. This is a network of urban farm stands operated by neighborhood youth, supplied by local farmers, and designed to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to communities throughout New York City.

This spinoff of the regular urban Greenmarket project targets younger members of the community from lower income areas of the city. The market trains the community to operate a farm stand as part of a miniature business in their neighborhood. As a chapter of the Greenmarket program, the Seaport Youthmarket sells high quality, fresh fruit and vegetables grown by regional markets, in efforts to encourage the consumption of healthy produce and the maintenance of a balanced diet. The key objectives of the program are bolstered by an effective strategy of business training, involving promotion, merchandising, and customer service. Additionally, the program provides tours around the Union Square Greenmarket for youth participants to better understand the inner mechanisms of a farmer’s market.

The following market suppliers include:

Dagele Brothers Farm—Florida,  NY

Davenport Farms—Stone Ridge, NY 

Hoeffner Farms—Montgomery, NY 
Mead Orchards—Tivoli, NY

Migliorelli Farm—Tivoli, NY 

Prospect Hill Orchards—Milton, NY 

R & M Andrews Farms—Calverton, NY 
Reeves Farm—Baldwinsville, NY

Rottkamp Brothers Farm—Glenn Head, NY 

S&SO Produce Farms—Goshen, NY 

Trapani Farms—Milton, NY 

Toigo Orchards—Shippensburg, PA

Not only does this project support the farming community, but it also improves the welfare and education of New York City youth. The market runs every Thursday until the 21st of November, from 12pm to 5pm. Stop by and check it out for yourself or visit the Grow NYC website for more information.

What: Seaport Youthmarket

When: Every Thursday from July 10th to November 20th, from 12-5pm

Where: 19 Fulton Street

– Aimee Aurol

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