Help Save The Elizabeth Street Garden

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Culture, Outdoor

Art by Noel Cuvin for the Elizabeth Street Garden’s Call to Artists. The video and all quotes below are courtesy of the Elizabeth Street Garden. 

The Elizabeth Street Garden has been a favorite outdoor spot for so many people in Little Italy and Soho for nearly 200 years. On top of offering a respite from busy city life for the residents of Downtown Manhattan, the garden also offers rentals for video and photo shoots as well as weddings and private events. 

But the garden may not be with us for much longer. The city has proposed the sale of this land to Haven Green (Pennrose Properties, Habitat NYC, and Riseboro) to make way for affordable housing, retail locations, and office space. The Garden states on their website that “the affordability is not permanent,” and that the residence can eventually “turn into market rate housing.” 

The Elizabeth Street Garden has offered numerous alternative sites for affordable housing developments in an effort to save the community’s garden and green space, with these sites providing “more than 10x the amount of affordable units.”

To help save the garden, visit The Elizabeth Street Garden website today!


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