Reynolds Aero 58’s… First Report

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Reynolds Aero 58 wheel set was voted 2013 Wheel of the Year by Regardless of whether you agree with the award or not, the true test of any wheel is determined by the cyclist riding the wheels. I recently had the good fortune of obtaining a pair, and I have been more than impressed. The requirements for any set of aero wheels are basically the same: Are they fast, stiff, and stable in cross winds? Well, I will report that the Aero 58’s are stiff and very fast. The cross wind stability will soon be determined.

This clincher-only wheel set comes in three rim depths: 58mm, 72mm, and 90mm. I am a road rider, so I prefer the 58mm wheel because it is most suitable for my riding style. Most triathletes/time trialists would opt for the 72mm or 90mm wheel, but I would not hesitate to recommend the 58’s because of their efficiency.

My only issue, albeit a small one, was a brake adjustment. I ride a 2013 Trek Madone 7 series which has the rear brake mounted below the bottom bracket. This design presented a few minor problems, as I had to adjust the width of the brake to accommodate the slightly wider rim design. Once completed, I installed the proprietary Cryo-Blue brake pads. These pads have enlarged water slots to dissipate the water more quickly. This reduces the delay between applying the brakes and slowing the bike. Carbon wheels have been known to be slow-stopping in wet conditions, but I have not yet been caught in the rain to determine the 58’s performance. Hopefully in my next report, I will be.

In the past four days, I have logged over 250 miles on these wheels and they have performed flawlessly. They felt extremely light when climbing and cornered as well as any smaller carbon wheel rim I have ridden. I immediately noticed their ability to accelerate quickly which was surprising for a wheel of this rim depth. Once up to speed, they hold speed amazingly well. I noticed the swiftness of the wheels immediately as I was flying downhill past teammates that I normally never overtake. I have not yet encountered heavy winds or rain, but I am confident that the wheels will perform impeccably. So, to sum up my first report, these wheels are beyond impressive! I look forward to reporting further on the Reynolds Aero 58s.

Read here all the specifications about the Reynolds Aero 58.

—John Capobianco M.Ed.

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